Tight Shiny Panties

Come and get some of this hot pussy, yes I can just hear those words coming out of this panty sluts mouth. How many guys would love to hear those magical words being spoken while presented with this staring them in the face, a hot milf with her legs parted giving you a full on view of her shiny panties that are covering her aching crotch?

It makes me want to kneel down in front of her and bury my face into that shiny panty fabric. Look closely at where the panties are pressed tight against her pussy and you can clearly see that this girl has a clitoris piercing, you just know that she is going to be ultra responsive to anything pressed against her vagina, I just wish it was my face!

I wonder how long she has had these panties on for? I would hope long enough to warm them up to give them a musky fragrance, they certainly look like they are sitting tight enough against her flesh to absorb some of her magical love juice. I love the feel of silky smooth panties, they just add that something extra special to the proceedings don’t you agree?