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Welcome to my panty pics website, a site dedicated to images of beautiful women in their panties. I consider myself a bit of a panty connoisseur, from a very early age I have had a fetish for looking at women in their panties, for me it is better than looking at a naked body. I have tried to analyse why on more than the odd occasion and I have never come up with a definitive answer. It is hard to distinguish when I started enjoying women in their lingerie and which vision tripped me over the edge and cast a magical spell on me that was to last forever.

I remember seeing a relative walking around in panties and bra, I remember while at my first school sitting opposite a teacher and getting a clear view up her skirt as she crossed her legs while sitting on the front desk. I also remember seeing up a neighbours skirt as she climbed a ladder to access her loft space and I also remember smelling the aromatic charm of a warm pair of worn panties. Yes I have just about a fetish for everything panty related from upskirt to stains and through this site you will discover my dailing findings.

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  • Connie:

    I’m a Retired School Teacher, I watched Young Guys for Years looking at my Legs and Up my Skirt, it was so much Fun Watching them Squirm Around trying to get a Better Look……Now, I like to go to the Food Court of the Mall next to where I live, I’m not there very long, before Men and Young Boys are looking….I like to Wear Tight White Cotton Panties (High Backs) and I always make sure there is a Little Bit of Black Hair sticking out around the Leg Bands…I love watching Guys Stare at my Open Legs while I sit there……..If you would like to Chat about My and Your Experiences, e-mail me……..I also have some Pics to show too….Love Connie.xxxx

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