Amateur Wife’s Panties

The reason I have picked this amateur pair of panties to share with you all today is two fold. First it is a great panty picture, they are sexy and the owner of this pair of panties certainly has a great shaped ass. Second the image comes from an adult listing at Find A Fuck Buddy. As the name suggests, the site is all about finding a local sex date, some of the women listed are pretty stunning and performing a quick search I found several ladies close by who were all looking for a no strings hook up.

Yes I am tempted to make contact with one of them, the thought of getting into a pair of panties like this pair is quite overpowering, sadly this lady kept her face out of her profile pics. I guess you could argue that you don’t look into the fire while stoking it and would a two headed monster be blessed with a cute round ass like this one? I very much doubt it but you just never know, not that it matters as sadly she didn’t live within striking distance, actually she didn’t live this side of the Atlantic.

Panty Ass Crack

Look at how these pink full back panties look as though they are painted on to this teens (18+) ass cheeks. If it wasn’t for the creases in the crotch area I could have mistaken these for body paint. They fit so tight and snug into that ass crack of hers, just yummy.

Just Panties

As you might have gathered by now, panty pics is all about babes in their panties, no sex, no hard core porn, just erotic hot looking women in their panties, well you might also see a pussy or two. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is nothing quite as appealing and as arousing than a beautiful woman standing in her lingerie.

You only have to look at the stunning Carla Brown in her black thong and matching stockings to see what I mean. If you click the close up image of Carla’s thong below, you can see the rest of the images that were taken in this particular phtot shoot.

If you would like to see more just teasing style images of gorgeous babes in their panties then make sure you take a look at a web site called Only Tease. As the name suggests the site is all about the visual tease, no sexual intercourse, just beautiful ladies modelling their panties and occasionally giving you a slow strip tease to reveal their most intimate parts, each lady just as hot and as gorgeous as the previous.

Wet Spot Panties

This isn’t an image taken from some porn site, it is a true amateur submission. A female who has been going about her daily routine wearing her panties and by the look of things, she has been thinking a few horny thoughts. Just look at the small wet spot, it is so perfect and natural, not faked, a genuine patch of creamy wetness as her horny thoughts are captured in her lingerie.

Cute Tight Cameltoe

Most cameltoe panties often look very sleazy, however I don’t believe these ones do, they have a kind of innocence about them. I usually prefer seeing a little more material but I have to say; this has to be one of the cutest yet skimpy pair of panties I have seen in a long time. If they are this tight and skimpy at the front you can only imagine what they must look like from the rear. Another fine example proving why you need to keep everything nice and neat down there ladies, I know some prefer au naturale but there are times when smooth and clean are a must.

See Through Lace Thong

When I see images like this one it reminds me of the retired panty queen Kirsty Blue. For those who don’t know who Kirsty is let me tell you she was one of the few ladies who knows how to properly run a panty fetish web site. Kirsty was a panty milf who had been around with an online presence spanning over 13 years, it was such a shame that she decided to close her website down.

Back to the image, what more can you say about this other than yum yum. A beautiful see through lace thong, a bulging labia which is just about held in place behind the lace fabric and a neat cotton back dividing her beautiful ass crack nicely and just covering her second lady hole.

Wet Panties

When someone says wet panties I usually assume they mean wet from urine or wet from sex, be it the female leaking her juices into them or the remains from a lovers deposit. These kind of wet panties are what I prefer to see, wet from natural water drenching the material so that they both hug the curvy ass while becoming see through.

White Upskirt Panties

I am loving this upskirt picture, I know they are full back panties and they are not the best fitting, maybe a size too large but even so, there is something that strikes all the right chords with me. I could just imagine running my hand up the inside of her leg against those silky stockings, pausing as I hit the soft flesh knowing that my next stop would be her warm cotton crotch.

Sexy White Full Back Panties

Despite many reports suggesting red is a guys favourite colour when it comes to lingerie I have to disagree, white is far more sexy, for that reason I am adding a new category to the menu system simply entitled White Panties. If I were in the room with this hot derrière, the urge to lean forward and place my nose deep down towards her groin area before taking a deep intoxicating sniff of her womanly charms would be just too much for me to resist.

Is that just me being the pervert that I am or does anyone else share my fetish when it comes to a females natural perfume? The scent of a clean but aroused pussy, the smell from a pair of panties pressed tight against the forbidden fruit capturing every naughty thought of the owners mind as she goes about her daily routine.

If you would like to explore the world of panty sniffing further click here for an in depth look at both men and women who share the fetish for smelling panties. There are some great articles from women who enjoy having their crotch sniffed and guys who like me, love that natural scent of a woman and the way it is captured in their intimate panties.

Perfect Sexy Ass

Sometimes you see a picture and you just think wow. It doesn’t have to be too explicit or in the case of this image I wouldn’t even say it is mildly explicit, it could nearly be an image for a lingerie advertisement. I am sure you will agree though, it has a big case of wow factor. Maybe it is because I love women with a sexy ass, maybe it is because it leaves you wanting to see so much more because you just know it is not going to disappoint.