Blue Thong Panties

These blue thong style panties have to be a contender for one of the sexiest I have ever seen. I could just imagine meeting a girl on a date and you discover that she is wearing these, it would make you want to explode just looking at them. There isn’t much more to say about them really, they are ever so sexy, they are skimpy and they fit perfectly, just look and enjoy, what a shame scratch and sniff hasn’t yet been invented for the computer.

Horny Full Back Panties

Every once in a while I see an image of a horny looking lady in her panties and it becomes my new all time favourite image and today it has happened again. I just love everything about these yellow full backs, the way they hug the ass, the tightness of them and even the colour. I have always longed for a Ferrari in this colour yellow, maybe that also has something to do with it.

See Through Lace Panties

There isn’t much material required in designing this pair of black see through lace panties and they are certainly not leaving much to the imagination. I still wouldn’t mind discovering this pair of panties being worn under the skirt of a hot looking milf. The fact that she is ultra smooth and hair free is also very appealing.

Beautiful Panty Crotch

Just look at how tight these panties are and the way the vulva lips are being squeezed out to the sides, you can just see a lovely little cameltoe forming. It is such a good job that this is a clean shaven crotch, for me the image would take on a whole new meaning if that exposed lip was a hairy mass.

Short Denim Skirt And Panties

I am not sure what appeals to me more with this picture, is it the upskirt aspect or the way the panties go deep into the butt crack and tight against the soft flesh? If this was my partner and she was standing like this in front of me right now I know I would not be able to resist burying my face into her warm and probably aromatic gusset.

Would Love To Get In These Panties

I would love to get in this pair of panties and I don’t mean wearing them myself, I mean getting into them while they are being worn by the owner of this hot looking ass.

Don’t let anyone tell you that full back panties are granny pants, thongs do have their place however on this occasion there is noting I would like to do more than hook my finger under the crotch area of these, ease them away from the flesh and then have some fun.

Dirty Panty Phone Sex

I don’t know what it is about the colour yellow but on certain things you can’t beat it. I always said if I won the lottery I would love to own a yellow Ferrari, not a red one but a bright yellow one, the same yellow as these lace panties.

I could just imagine zooming along with a hot bird sitting next to me in her short skirt raised ever so slightly, just enough for me to see that she was wearing lace see through panties like these. By now you might be wondering where the title panty phone sex has come from, well, it so happens that I was enjoying a phone sex conversation with a lady yesterday and she told me that she was wearing yellow lace panties.

This image was one that I had saved to my computer a few days ago, I was meant to share it with you all last week and it had slipped my mind, only brought back to me by my fantastic evening of sex chat, actually it was 15 minutes worth but a very enjoyable 15 minutes. The phone sex service I would suggest is Cheap Wank top quality sex lines and they are cheap rate ones charging just 36p a minute so it is only just over a fiver on my phone bill.

Milf Panties

Some mornings I get up and I am aroused at the thought of a tight pair of panties sitting nicely over the mound of a hot teen pussy. Other times I can awake and my preference for the day would be a mature milf in sexy lingerie, maybe some lace panties and stockings. I guess it is like the food you eat, each day you fancy something just a little different.

Today is one of those days for me, the thought of a horny eighteen year old’s panties is nice but a horny mature milf is better. My favourite used to be Kirsty Blue but she seems to have given up now, no idea why, here one minute the next her site taken down which is a shame, never mind. at least we still have Lady Sonia to titillate and tease us in her milf panties.

Cute Teen Panties

This has to be one of the cutest yet sexy pictures of a teen (18+) in her panties that I have seen in a long time. Just look at her bulging vulva trying to escape from the panty fabric, it is a good job she is clean shaven and you can bet that fabric hiding her modesty is nice and moist.

White Lace Panties Open Legs

You can almost smell the musky scent that must be emanating from these white lace style panties. Lovely open legs crotch shot and despite covering a lot of area these panties look extremely sexy, they have me wanting to bury my face in anyway.