Tight Panties

Blue Thong Panties

These blue thong style panties have to be a contender for one of the sexiest I have ever seen. I could just imagine meeting a girl on a date and you discover that she is wearing these, it would make you want to explode just looking at them. There isn’t much more to say about them really, they are ever so sexy, they are skimpy and they fit perfectly, just look and enjoy, what a shame scratch and sniff hasn’t yet been invented for the computer.

Horny Full Back Panties

Every once in a while I see an image of a horny looking lady in her panties and it becomes my new all time favourite image and today it has happened again. I just love everything about these yellow full backs, the way they hug the ass, the tightness of them and even the colour. I have always longed for a Ferrari in this colour yellow, maybe that also has something to do with it.

Beautiful Panty Crotch

Just look at how tight these panties are and the way the vulva lips are being squeezed out to the sides, you can just see a lovely little cameltoe forming. It is such a good job that this is a clean shaven crotch, for me the image would take on a whole new meaning if that exposed lip was a hairy mass.

Would Love To Get In These Panties

I would love to get in this pair of panties and I don’t mean wearing them myself, I mean getting into them while they are being worn by the owner of this hot looking ass.

Don’t let anyone tell you that full back panties are granny pants, thongs do have their place however on this occasion there is noting I would like to do more than hook my finger under the crotch area of these, ease them away from the flesh and then have some fun.

Panty Ass Crack

Look at how these pink full back panties look as though they are painted on to this teens (18+) ass cheeks. If it wasn’t for the creases in the crotch area I could have mistaken these for body paint. They fit so tight and snug into that ass crack of hers, just yummy.

Perfect Sexy Ass

Sometimes you see a picture and you just think wow. It doesn’t have to be too explicit or in the case of this image I wouldn’t even say it is mildly explicit, it could nearly be an image for a lingerie advertisement. I am sure you will agree though, it has a big case of wow factor. Maybe it is because I love women with a sexy ass, maybe it is because it leaves you wanting to see so much more because you just know it is not going to disappoint.

Front Or Rear Panties

What would you say you are a fan of; the view of panties from the rear or the front? Is it something you have ever questioned yourself over before?? As my second weakness to a tight pair of fitting panties is a sexy round ass the rear view just edges for me, but only just, specially when the front view is a fully covered cameltoe.

tight fitting panties

Not much of a cameltoe going on here but I do love the way these white full backs sit deep between her crack cheeks, exposing just enough of her butt flesh to make the whole thing so damn appealing.

Tight Shiny Panties

Come and get some of this hot pussy, yes I can just hear those words coming out of this panty sluts mouth. How many guys would love to hear those magical words being spoken while presented with this staring them in the face, a hot milf with her legs parted giving you a full on view of her shiny panties that are covering her aching crotch?

It makes me want to kneel down in front of her and bury my face into that shiny panty fabric. Look closely at where the panties are pressed tight against her pussy and you can clearly see that this girl has a clitoris piercing, you just know that she is going to be ultra responsive to anything pressed against her vagina, I just wish it was my face!

I wonder how long she has had these panties on for? I would hope long enough to warm them up to give them a musky fragrance, they certainly look like they are sitting tight enough against her flesh to absorb some of her magical love juice. I love the feel of silky smooth panties, they just add that something extra special to the proceedings don’t you agree?