Teen Panties

Cute Teen 18+ Panties

I am not sure if it is the pert ass or the cute tight panties that I find more appealing on this 18 year old. It does make a pleasant change to find a teen in a pair of full back panties instead of the obligatory thong. The writing on them reads; “I love junk food”, “I love music” and “I love me” well I love those panties and I also love what is inside them.

Cute Teen Panties

This has to be one of the cutest yet sexy pictures of a teen (18+) in her panties that I have seen in a long time. Just look at her bulging vulva trying to escape from the panty fabric, it is a good job she is clean shaven and you can bet that fabric hiding her modesty is nice and moist.

Cute Tight Cameltoe

Most cameltoe panties often look very sleazy, however I don’t believe these ones do, they have a kind of innocence about them. I usually prefer seeing a little more material but I have to say; this has to be one of the cutest yet skimpy pair of panties I have seen in a long time. If they are this tight and skimpy at the front you can only imagine what they must look like from the rear. Another fine example proving why you need to keep everything nice and neat down there ladies, I know some preferĀ au naturale but there are times when smooth and clean are a must.

Teen Cameltoe Panties

I love a bulging cameltoe under a pair of tight panties like this. For me it hits the spot so much better than when you see the same cameltoe but hanging out each side of a skimpy thong. The perfect cameltoe has to be a fully covered one, it leaves far more to the imagination and visually I feel it is far more of a turn on.

I would love to have an inspection and a look inside this pair when they are removed for the wash basket, a horny looking teen (18+) wearing a tight pair of panties that are sticking right up tight into her crack, you just know that she is going to be creaming these panties through the day.

Front Or Rear Panties

What would you say you are a fan of; the view of panties from the rear or the front? Is it something you have ever questioned yourself over before?? As my second weakness to a tight pair of fitting panties is a sexy round ass the rear view just edges for me, but only just, specially when the front view is a fully covered cameltoe.

tight fitting panties

Not much of a cameltoe going on here but I do love the way these white full backs sit deep between her crack cheeks, exposing just enough of her butt flesh to make the whole thing so damn appealing.