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Loose Fitting Panties

If you asked most guys what do they prefer loose fitting or tight fitting panties I would hazard a guess they would nearly all say tight fitting; there is noting better than a little cameltoe to brighten your day. I would normally agree however I wouldn’t mind passing the owner of these panties as she sunbathed on the grass.

This image belongs to a female (obviously) sunbathing in her back garden, it was sent in by her boyfriend, I cropped out the top half and yes she was topless and yes she was a hot and I don’t mean from the sunshine. How some guys are fortunate enough to have a woman or a partner in their life who is not just fit looking, they have one who loves to tease and please.

I fail to understand why so many women cannot grasp the simple fact that men like looking at them in sexy panties. We all hate big granny style panties, we don’t care if they are comfortable. Well those women cannot complain if us guys start looking for a bit of naughty fun away from home, I know of a great place as well: www.discreetdate.co.uk.

The site offers basic free membership to all guys and premium upgraded membership to all the ladies that join, this keeps a decent balance between male and female members. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on no strings attached hook-ups. Many of the women are married, some are single and they just want to have naughty fun with anyone ready and willing.

Anyway, take a look for yourself, if you don’t fancy a no strings shag date there are lots of local women on the site who have uploaded both naughty images of the naked variety and in their panties as they place themselves into the shop window so to speak.


Amateur Wife’s Panties

The reason I have picked this amateur pair of panties to share with you all today is two fold. First it is a great panty picture, they are sexy and the owner of this pair of panties certainly has a great shaped ass. Second the image comes from an adult listing at Find A Fuck Buddy. As the name suggests, the site is all about finding a local sex date, some of the women listed are pretty stunning and performing a quick search I found several ladies close by who were all looking for a no strings hook up.

Yes I am tempted to make contact with one of them, the thought of getting into a pair of panties like this pair is quite overpowering, sadly this lady kept her face out of her profile pics. I guess you could argue that you don’t look into the fire while stoking it and would a two headed monster be blessed with a cute round ass like this one? I very much doubt it but you just never know, not that it matters as sadly she didn’t live within striking distance, actually she didn’t live this side of the Atlantic.

Sexy White Full Back Panties

Despite many reports suggesting red is a guys favourite colour when it comes to lingerie I have to disagree, white is far more sexy, for that reason I am adding a new category to the menu system simply entitled White Panties. If I were in the room with this hot derrière, the urge to lean forward and place my nose deep down towards her groin area before taking a deep intoxicating sniff of her womanly charms would be just too much for me to resist.

Is that just me being the pervert that I am or does anyone else share my fetish when it comes to a females natural perfume? The scent of a clean but aroused pussy, the smell from a pair of panties pressed tight against the forbidden fruit capturing every naughty thought of the owners mind as she goes about her daily routine.

If you would like to explore the world of panty sniffing further click here for an in depth look at both men and women who share the fetish for smelling panties. There are some great articles from women who enjoy having their crotch sniffed and guys who like me, love that natural scent of a woman and the way it is captured in their intimate panties.

Panty Crack

I don’t really need to say much about this image, I simply love everything about it, from her curved cheeks to the way the panties fit nice and neat between her ass crack, who said full back panties were not as sexy as a tiight skimpy thong, give me this babe in these full back panties any day of the week.

Simply Panty Pics

Finding good quality panty related porn is quite tricky. Despite the vast amount of porn that is accessible on the Internet today, finding a place that understands what it takes to make good quality porn for those that have a panty fetish isn’t an easy task. Most of it starts off with handful of images or a few seconds of a girl in her panties then in no time it turns into a full blown porn scene.

Sometimes I am in the mood for that but more often than not I don’t want to see some guys cock come into the scene spoiling the fun, I would much prefer to use my own imagination as I admire the beautiful girl standing their in just her panties. I don’t even mind if she slips them off at the end to reveal her pussy as demonstrated in the free gallery below.

My favourite site for this has to be Only tease where there is no pussy penetration unless it is the females own hand gently pressing the cotton fabric against her genitalia. Beautiful girls going it solo as they parade around and pose  in some of the sexiest panties you are likely to see, teasing you with their charm and your lustful thoughts. The above gallery is a mini sample, visit the gallery link below for the full gallery and when you are finished dribbling over the gorgeous images click the Take The Tour link that is on the FULL gallery page.

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